Forex Trading Strategy:

Trading strategy saleThe Topic of this Trading video will be on the BZ Trading strategy and the FREE Trading Bias.  On Monday during our live training session we set-up the BZ automation and found that on the first trading day of the week the strategy was up 3.5% in just one day!!!

FREE Trading Bias Forex Trading Strategy

The FREE trading bias this week was for the Usd/Jpy currency pair. Using the FREE RSI divergence Trading strategy that I taught members who signed up for the FREE Trading Bias. The trading strategy produced 30 pips of profit.  Year to date (5 weeks)  the FREE strategy is up 55 pips over 5 weeks. not bad for a free strategy.

BZ Trading Strategy

On the First trading day of the week, the BZ Trading Strategy signals of 3.5%. Most traders would be happy to make 3% in a week or even a month.  The BZ Trading strategy is a rules-based trading strategy that has very clear rules of engagement.  In this week's trading video I show how on the first day of trading we had biases on 8 out of 12 currency pairs that we trade.  Out of those 8 pairs, there were only three valid trades. I do not focus on trading 100 times per day, but instead by following a strict rules-based approach. If you look at your price charts and wonder if you should be buying or selling then you may want to take a look at our trading course.

 July 4th Sale

This week we are are having a 4th of July sales on our Trading course.  The sale will end July 4th at Midnight.  I am giving a July 4th bonus to everyone that signs up before July 4th at 11:59p.m.. I will be giving away lifetime access to the trading bias.  This is a $29.00 per month value.   Over the course of 1 year this would be a $348.00 value and over the course of 2 years would be worth $696.00. BZ Trading Strategy

  1. Bz Strategy
  2.  Trading Bias For Life, Forex, and Futures
  3.  Confirmation Indicator for NT8 ( I will show you how to use NinjaTrader For FREE)
  4.  8 weeks of Live Training sessions ( 1 session per week)
  5.  Lifetime access to the BZ strategy and updates to the course.
  6.  My private tweets
  7.  Lifetime access to newly recorded training session after the 8 weeks.




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BZ Trading Strategy With The LifeTime Trading Bias.

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