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Predictable Chart Pattern During The Presidential Elections

This week the Forex markets had a very predictable chart pattern that played out during the presidential election results.  This same pattern played out during the Brexit vote back in June.  Is this a fluke?  I think not; this happens all the time during major news events especially when there is a chance for an upset.…

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Is The British Pound About To Run?

In this week’s Forex Video I will be covering three British Pound crosses.  The three currency crosses referred to in this video are Gbp/Usd, Eur/Gbp, and GbpJpy.  This week each of the Forex pairs showed strength in the Pound after the higher court ruled that parliament has to vote on Article 50 before it could be…

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How To Structure A Forex Trade

This week’s Forex video will cover how to structure your trades before you enter a trade.  As traders, we sometimes place trades out of greed or fear. Both are terrible habits as well as detrimental to our trading accounts. You may ask yourself how does a person place a trade out of fear?  The answer is…

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