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Three Forex Trading Lessons

In this Forex video, I will share three Forex trading lessons. The idea for this video came about by a youtube comment from a trader that was seeking advice.  I thought to myself let’s make a quick Youtube video that answers these questions. I will be expanding on this in future videos. This Forex video is…

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How To Use Fibonacci To Identify Profit Zones

This week’s Forex Video I will show you how to use Fibonacci levels to find profit target zones.  The currency pair that I will use for this example will be the Usd/Jpy.  This currency pair has been going up at a fast pace over that past few weeks.  Since the FOMC rate statement, the U.S…

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Forex Trading Lesson: Trust Your Trading System

In this week’s Forex video I will start with a Forex trading lesson.  A lesson that all traders should pay close attention to.  Most traders/investors go out and look for new Forex Trading systems when they enter a drawdown.  Has this happened to you?  If so watch this week’s video as I will show my…

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A Forex Trade Setup That Could Earn Hundreds Of Pips

There is a possible Forex Trade setup in the Gbp/Jpy currency pair. I say possibly because I will still be watching for price action at the level that I set on my chart. I have been watching this level for weeks, so hopefully, the market will cooperate with us on this trade. All trades that…

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How To Spot Reversals Using Candlestick Patterns

One of the questions that I get quite often is, how do you know when the market will reverse?  The simple answer is that I don’t, but I can use candlestick patterns to help me decide when If I should place a trade or not. Can Candlestick Patterns Help To Identify Reversals? I use primary four…

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